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Friday, July 15, 2005

every church should plant! (part 1)

Step 1 : We have to be mission minded. Not summer evenglistic short term mission only, Not mission in a crusade manner only. But mission in a 24/7 manner. It's easy to say and it's easy to write about but it's not easy to live.

What is the role of the church? "To glorify God and enjoy Him forever"? Yes just as this from the Westminister Catechism's (c1640's) shortest text reminds us. But how? As a church several simple stages come to mind.

1. Reach the lost: Translate the gospel message through life and word to unbelievers

2. Nurture the young: Teach and disciple new and young Christians.

3. Disciple the Growing: Stretch and mentor those understanding and experiencing a balanced walk

4. Launch the mature: Every leadership should seek to establish servant ministry within the church body. Launching into gifts and callings that individuals have is enormously important. Then planting becomes a habit instead of splits and divisions.

(Secret: Here the importance of servant leadership is singularly relevant. Own nothing, give all glory to God and watch the church grow)

Step 2 : We have to have an outreach strategy. A plan prayerfully discerned, relevant and culturally sensitive for our neighbours and friends. A plan that places the full gospel message into the lives of our community. God promises He is faithful when we are obedient.

Step 3 : Be ready to harvest. In John's gospel, Jesus sowed and harvested instantly. Being prepared both for long ground cultivation and instant harvest is best plan.


Blogger Nae said...

What does it mean to be a servent leader? Can you expand on that anymore Andrew?

2:35 pm  
Blogger andrew@stonepavement said...

Nae...Servant Leadership from the secular world says this "Servant-leadership encourages collaboration, trust, foresight, listening, and the ethical use of power and empowerment." Robert Greenleaf

I wasn't referring fully to the current theory in leadership above, so much as referring to the process Godly leaders are behoved to have in these days; of launching new leaders into leadership through the example of holding lightly the position they themselves have..I think some churches go a long way to doing this but then don't launch the people they have trained so well....PS "What is Godly Leadership?" is in prep for next week...I'm still threshing it out...and humbled by the study....here's a preview from Drucker "When Christ saw the crowds "…He had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd." (Matthew 9.36 NIV). God has established and ordained leadership to enable, direct and equip His people. Leadership is a responsibility, not a matter of privilege or rank or status or money."

4:02 pm  
Blogger Nae said...

Thanks Andrew. That helps loads. Looking forward to you expanding on godly leadership!!

3:31 pm  

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