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Monday, July 11, 2005

reasons to blog

A recurring question that I've been processing since starting to blog is "why am I blogging?" About 2 months ago my sister Nae said she'd started blogging and we could keep up with her news and ministry as it happens. Even though we're just 30 minutes drive away, our time is full with life and work. It was 2 years ago when I first met Tim Challies that I started to understand what a "blog" was. Tim's now on 617 consecutive days of blogging.... Now I blog...still sounds like a secret society, mysterious and exclusive.

It's a journal: Daily life changes and circumstances challenge me. Usually at lunch I'll post a blog that has been in my heart.

It's for friends and family: As we've travelled around the world keeping up with people becomes more and more difficult as we meet more people and the busier life gets...I'm not excusing keeping up friendships..but for most people it's nice to catch up, to remember, to pray...

It's for me: A discipline to keep, a place to put down thoughts and values through life as I am formed into the character God is wanting (life does that, God uses it to forge our characters by the reponse to each and every event whether blessing or test). I'm sure 12 months down the line when I look back, the content of some posts will seem primitive in comparison to present trials or tests.

It's about a vision: "stonepavement" is something Eric Bryant gave me. (executive pastor for the
mosaic) We met breifly and traded ideas on a name for a church plant in the Cotswolds..."stones" was in the initial thought process. Karen my wife knew that stones had to be turned and moved in the process of reaching our region for Christ and that a road of living stones would be laid down in the region as the Lord renewed His witness here...It's about this vision and the steps and life of a vision from day one...a testimony of God's faithfulness, revelation and timing. There's no grand start, no fundraising, no denominational push here...just vision....Hab 2:2 so we start.
It's for bloggers: why for bloggers? Well it's here you read. Here we each read of encouraging lives. Honesty is encouraging, challenging and motivating..when I read some of the writings here it urges me back to the importance of the great commission...I'm here to give glory to God...and this is mine and the life of my family and the vision we are understanding and walking in...until He comes.


Anonymous Agent Tim said...

And these comment sections are here to inform you that you have readers! God Bless your work here...my site is under a bit of undercover work (nothing you can see), so I haven't linked to you in my "Top Agents" section yet, but I will!

1:50 pm  
Blogger David Ketter said...

Ditto to Tim. :)

12:01 am  

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