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Thursday, July 21, 2005

"time" - an unfinished project

Last year while church planting life was the most hectic it has ever been....time was a premium, both Karen and myself were privileged to be doing what we were doing and found that the use of our time was key to a simpler week. Each Monday morning we would put down our weeks committments, work out who was where and who had to be in the right place at the right time. Slowly we worked a good system. I found that the men/women in ministry I had met up to this time struggled with the management of their time, prioritizing it and using it.

Inherent in ministry is conflict with time. Many calls on time are made to the men and women who minister in the Kingdom. One day we had a mission team with us in Canada up from Kentucky (they are now life long friends) and I joked with the Director of Missions about writing a book for Pastors about time management. I've been trained in my profession to optimise time and to "plan the work, work the plan" you name it, it would seem I've be trained in it.. What seems to happen though, is we don't apply such beneficial learning and understanding of the stewardship of time in our ministry life and calling.

So last Autumn I started to write. The book is planned out and roughed ready for 21 chapters. 6 chapters are complete in draft form and the remaining 15 ready to complete...and now I restart. When we knew the Lord was calling us back to England last Autumn I stopped to pack the house...and put "on hold" the project. Now it's time to begin again and aim at late summer to complete the work. Excerpt from chapter 1

"A Godly Respect of Time"

"There are three kinds of driving forces behind our use of time; briefly we’ll look at what they are and which one of these we need to focus on.

1. Time governed by our circumstances - Circumstance Driven Time
In this place you will find the circumstances of your life dictate how you use the majority of your time. You find yourself bouncing between appointments, late for meetings, letting down significant people in your life and sometimes missing the important family times. It seems the interruptions and demands on your time are in control. If some of this rings a bell in your thought process, then quite possibly your time is circumstance driven.

2. Time governed by your desires – Desire Driven Time
Are you addicted to certain things in your life, which waste your time? Here our desires dominate our priorities even where we are sometimes tempted. Do you have parts of your week where you have idle time, giving rise to temptation and fulfilling the fleshly desires? Maybe it’s a sport you have to watch? Can’t turn the TV of all night since the football game is on? These traits are those of time driven by our desires.

3. Time governed by our values – Value Driven Time
Here our values govern the use of our time, allowing us to set the important times of our days and week aside for family, our son’s and daughters, without pressure distracting us to the commitments of others. We can see daily and weekly that our time is being spent on the priorities God has set out in lives, those He has set out in His calling on our lives and we are able to see that our week has made steps towards these goals.

As we work through the disciplines and steps to reach a well ordered and managed agenda and use of our time, this book will help you start towards seeing Value Driven Time as the prominent characteristic in your life. As you seek and rely on the Holy Spirits power and wisdom to enlighten and give you the committment to change then the changes will slowly take effect. (According to the commitment you are prepared to give.)"

I'll let you know when it's completed...


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