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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

the truth about islam

Things won't get better until the 2nd Coming...get ready. Before then my children will be living in a different world. A world where they will be penalised, persecuted, even imprisoned for their love of Christ. As parents we talk about this from time to time with our 3 daugthers (The boys are too young still) and remind them that their days and our later life days will be in threat of discrimination all the way to persecution. They need to be prepared.

Last night we discovered our own home grown terrorists bombed London...should we be surprised? No..I'm not...

From Voice of the Martyrs I read this today:

Islamic Nations Slaughter and Enslave Christians
"Tom Barrett at American Daily has written an excellent article detailing the persecution of Christians. "THERE IS NOT ONE CHRISTIAN NATION ON EARTH WHERE MUSLIMS ARE PERSECUTED. Yet in 83% of nations where the majority of the population are Muslims, there is systematic government persecution of Christians.

This persecution includes imposing the death penalty for sharing the Christian faith with a Muslim; national laws prohibiting conversion from Islam to Christianity; destruction of churches; and murder or expulsion of Christian missionaries. Even in the few predominantly Muslim countries where the government does not openly participate in the persecution, it ignores and even encourages illegal persecution by Muslims against Christians.

...If the United States were to treat its roughly two million Muslims with one-tenth of the violence and humiliation that these Islamic nations heap on their Christians, the worldwide outcry would be immediate, and justified. Why, then, does the "Community of Nations," including the United States, turn a deaf ear to the cries of the persecuted Christians in Muslim nations?""

From FOX News (Nov 2004) I re-read this today:

"LONDON — He's called Sheik Terra.
With a Koran in one hand and pistol in the other, the British rapper calls for the murder of non-Muslims, including several world leaders, on a videotape. The video is well known in one London mosque, whose imam — or leader — is accused of setting up a terrorist training camp in Oregon and whose followers don't like Western media. Abu Hamza who lost two hands and an eye in Afghanistan, is in jail now but other extremists from among Britain's two million Muslims continue to preach violence, veiling the message to take advantage of some of Europe's most liberal freedom-of-speech laws."

Get ready, religious freedom is on the way out..


Blogger Nae said...

Hi Guys! Hope you are all well. Just to let you know I'm back and I'll call in soon. Love you all lots. N x

6:44 pm  
Blogger David Ketter said...

Very true about Islam...very true. It's interesting to note that without Judeo-Christian ethics, no nation would grant the freedoms that are enjoyed in many Western countries (such as the U.S.).

I actually have a (pretty elementray, not in-depth) site about Islam at www.geocities.com/ketman1989. Just click the green picture (how appropriate, huh?) on that page.

11:29 pm  
Blogger MVB said...

Pretty scary stuff.......

3:00 am  

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