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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What is the "Cotswolds 1.5%"?

Courtesy of the Cotswold District Council - "Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful areas in England, the Cotswolds, with its unique stone-built heritage, gently rolling hills and broad valleys, is an ideal destination for the discerning visitor. Explore historic market towns and discover small charming villages dotted across the landscape, each with an interesting church and perhaps a country pub – each season throwing a different light on a changing scene."

You might be mistaken if you assumed from this blurb above, that you could get a "pint" in your local church!!..heaven forbid..

Location by drive time, 1hr from Birmingham, 1.5hrs from London and 1hr from Bristol.

1. Charles Wesley preached from a horse cart in his missions to the Cotswolds around Stow-on- the-Wold. (Central town of the North Cotswolds)
2. The decisive battle of the English Civil War was won in Stow-on-the-Wold..the streets ran with blood after days of battle...a battle which liberated England and saw the advent of religious freedom from Rome...

And Now: Where are we today?..81400 is the population of this rural stretch of England in the South Central Midlands....but..

A government report from 2004 found that only 7% of "Christians" (As defined by our census - more a cultural Christian considered the same as being British!) in the UK regularly attend church. (Attending church is not the point we know... but it is indicative of the state spiritually of this nation we have to admit..) This equates to a little over 4000 Christians in this "interesting church" area of 250 square miles..Nationally the population is 58.79million..of which 14% claim to belong to a Christian denomination. This statisitc, includes those who go to church, because they always have, those who go because it's tradition, and approx 70% are over 50 years old...what's left? 1200 Christians in the Cotswolds below the age of 50.

(I'm not discounting the over 50's, but do want to establish the truth of the mission field for new growth and outreach for today's generation)

Conclusion for these statisitcs -The facts: 1.5% of the people in my village of 4000 (that's 60 people) are believing followers of Jesus Christ...

...in summary a region, and nation in crisis...darkness.

"Oh Lord help us to be abandoned and available to the leading and prompting of your Holy Spirit...give us courage Lord...."


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