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Sunday, July 10, 2005

what is your ministry?

Several weeks ago, Alex our eldest son had a birthday party where he invited his friends to a very ordinary afternoon. No fancy restaurants, no drive to a burger bar or crazy clown to come and visit, just an ordinary afternoon. We arranged the start time and then waited. Some came early and some came late, but when they arrived we had some time to spare before we walked to the local park and played wide games and played what 9 years old boys ans some girls like to play.
......for a short time I had to keep them quiet... I mean keep 12 nine year olds quite!...it seemed impossible...I knew it was going to be tricky, but I had a secret ploy, a secret method I knew had worked every time I'd used it and for you here there is no charge to this secret "kids quiet" game....

I rounded everyone up and explained this first exercise was special and difficult and that only the very strong would survive....they all seemed to want to know what this competitiion was... tell us, they cried..."Right" I said "line up and I'll tell you"...seemed the proper thing to do..."Now" I said,

"everyone has to stick their tongue out and leave it sticking out for the longest!"

.....they kind of looked at me ...blank...then one by one, they did it...and slowly all of them were stood silent....yucky, slobbery wet tongues sticking out of their mouths as far as they could stretch......and there they stood, walking around looking at each others tongues...they could talk, but they had to leave their tongue out, and they did....muttering slobbery talking tongues...hillarious!

So what does this story have to do with the question?...these kids (great kids we had a blast all afternoon..an English village birthday party) did what they were told...this game doesn't really work with children much older...they did this crazy game, they thought it was a game but the purpose for me was to keep them quiet. They never knew why, just that they had to do it...and they did it.

.....in some way in God's kingdom it's the same, we don't know why when God prompts us through His Holy Spirit to do things, why He guides us the way He does. We left Canada 6 months ago, everything in our natural world said no, we want to stay, but God said "Go". We didn't want to come back to Bourton-on-the-Water, but God said "Come back"...He unequivocally has a perfect plan for each of our lives. He is moulding our character perfectly for His purposes and glory. We are the clay and He is the potter.....

God has ordained that we be conformed to His likeness, that we form part of his body here on earth, that we are to be obedient to the last thing He has given us to do before He will move us onto the next...our ministry is to "know Him and make Him known"..

George Muller said "He orders our steps and our stops". We know our "Calling" if you don't then ask God to reveal it to you. Then live it! Simple...at every opportunity live it, encourage, serve, challenge, share the good news of the Gospel...we'll have an account to give one day when we stand before His throne......How many people who we know or have known, when they stand before the throne of judgement when asked why they did not accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour will answer "I didn't know the good news of salvation". And then the Lord will ask them "didn't you work with/know Andrew" (insert your name here)

Talk is cheap (so is blogging)...life isn't...


Blogger David Ketter said...

Amen, Andrew. This particular post reminds me of something Mark Hall (lead singer of Casting Crowns) said in his testimony:

"Because, you know, when God's callin' you to do something, it always seems to be somewhere out there."

Just like in the song Voice of Truth:

"Oh what I would do to have, the kinda faith it takes to climb out of this boat I'm in, onto the crashing waves; to step out of my comfort zone, into the realm of the unknown where Jesus is..."

Home run again! :)

12:30 am  
Anonymous Agent Tim said...

Sorry, but I noticed the boy all the way to the left. He had on a football jersey...that I've wanted for years! Boy, they are expensive...

1:52 pm  

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