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Monday, August 08, 2005

Dad I need to pack!

I've been remis over the last 2 weekends with my writing here. Life has caused me to concetrate and focus on the reality in living rather than writing. As much as I find my blog a stimulating process and a record of the journey of life, so as we serve I find the reality of work, home and family takes priority and is a joy.

I walked downstairs this morning to find Matthew and Jacob sitting leisurely in the lounge in their regular morning routine of cartoon watching...I think they phase into the day waking up to the reality of another summers vacation day.

Normally they don't notice me other than to say..."Dad can I have a bowl of cereal?" I oblige and they go back to the lounge...but this morning was different....
...Matthew turned to me and said "Dad I need to pack!" his look was urgent, he had an expression that said - I need to do it now, I need to be ready...I'm going somewhere...He didn't want to watch, he wanted to pack....sure enough our 2 youngest boys are going to their grand parents this week in South Wales. As soon as they knew they were going they wanted to pack instantly. Karen said, let's do it the day before we go and you can help me....

What struck me:
1. Matthew wanted to go - right away
2. He felt things were not ok until he has done something towards leaving....
3. His usual routine was second to where he wanted to go...he had a purpose today...
4. He was ready to put aside what he considered fun in order to pack....
5. Matthew remembered his Mum had said the day before we can pack together...he was ready waiting..it was on his mind.

His change this morning really made me think how much of our routine dulls us into lack of action...we do "this" and a do "that" and this is scheduled and that is arranged and slowly the hours, days and weeks pass and we are conditioned into a dangerous place of "sameness"......Every day is a new day, a day of individual purpose with plans laid before us that God wants us to walk in......are we ready everyday to be in the frame of mind I met Matthew in? It challenges me.

When did you last break out of the routine and stop..listen...and act? Or you know that time the Holy Spirit prompted you to call that person? Remember? have you done it yet? Was it a word of encouragement? or something that was hindering your fellowship between freinds/family....
....don't waste any more time here...pick the phone up.
....email them...comment on their blog.
....encourage, engage....it's character building......I am!


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